Paperback Availability

I’m pleased to say that the paperback is now available through Amazon and one or two other outlets for swift delivery. So if you like the idea of having the real book in your hand, please visit Amazon and order your copy now.

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One Response to Paperback Availability

  1. Trevor.G.Antrobus says:

    Read it , downloaded it from AMAZON9Very fast download!!) Thrilled with the whole concept!1 Enough items included to thrill any astronomer/detective/and night sky novice! The story line was challenging , dealing with HOW what we see skywards can affect us ALL down here , the ending was trilling, BUT lets have a follow=up and soon!! Why? lets just suppose that a S/Nova goes off MUCH closer than the one in the book!! how would WE react?? and what can we do about it? IF we are planning to capture an asteroid, could we ‘save’ the earth from the inevitable Radiations?? Who knows ? BUT this line would progress The PAW to become the ROAR!! Nuff said, many thanks once more for an excellent Christmas read!!……..T.

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